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Faster Healing For
Superior Outcomes

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What Is PRF?

Your body’s natural healing processes are truly amazing. Platelets in the blood plasma are tiny disc-shaped pieces of cell material that help form blood clots, stop bleeding, and heal wounds. Fibrin is a protein that forms a fibrous mesh to stop the flow of blood and create the first layer of protection in a wound, laying down a bed for blood vessels to form as healing progresses. It also contains growth factors that speed the healing process. White blood cells break down waste products and fight infection. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) treatment allows us to harness the power of your platelets, fibrin, and white blood cells to speed healing after surgery. PRF has revolutionized the way we approach many dental surgeries and cosmetic procedures in recent years.

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How Does PRF Treatment Work?

PRF treatment commences with a small blood sample, drawn just before use, which is then separated into its components: serum, fibrin, platelets, and white and red blood cells. This blend of fibrin, white blood cells, and platelets is harnessed to create a potent healing serum applied directly to your surgical site.

Dr. Anis Tebyanian utilizes advanced medical technology to generate ample PRF from a mere 55 ccs (approximately three and a half tablespoons) of blood during outpatient surgery. This convenient on-site process eliminates past expenses associated with hospital or blood bank harvesting, offering enhanced accessibility and benefits of this remarkable healing approach.

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What Are The Benefits

  • Enhanced healing
  • Promotion of bone growth
  • Improved wound closure
  • Safe and biocompatible
  • Simplified process
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We Know You Can’t-Wait to
See Your New Smile!

PRF is a safe, efficient, predictable approach to improving your healing process. Because PRF is a by-product of your blood, there is no risk of disease transmission from the blood source. It can be produced right here in our office while you’re receiving care, making it convenient and efficient to use. The material is easy to handle and even improves the application of bone grafting material, resulting in a more successful grafting process. PRF supersaturates the surgical wound with growth and immune factors, increasing tissue synthesis and tissue regeneration. That means you’ll have a faster, more comfortable healing process so you can enjoy your amazing new smile as soon as possible!

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